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Martial Arts and Life Lessons
Our Martial Art

Tien Tae Jitsu Martial Arts (TTJ) is a complete and eclectic martial arts system with an emphasis on self-defense. It combines the elegance and graceful beauty of Tien Shan P'ai Kung Fu with the speed, power, and leaping kicks of Tae Kwon Do, and the flowing movements of Jujitsu.

TTJ has been conducting classes in the Portland area for 20 years and is a great activity for kids, adults, and families! We offer Martial Arts, T'ai Chi, Kickboxing, and Kids & Adult Self Defense classes in a fun and safe atmosphere.

Whether you are interested in our classes for mental or for physical well being, TTJ offers a number of programs that will fit your abilities, developmental needs, and your busy schedule.

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Our Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is very important to us. We expect all students, regardless of age, to understand and follow these simple rules. A few minutes of each class period is spent discussing our "thought of the week," and how it relates to their life at home, school, work, and elsewhere.
Discipline: Obeying those in authority.

Honor: Choosing between what is right and what is wrong.

Respect: Treating others the way we wish to be treated.

These are very simple principles and if followed, will make the world a better place. We strive to make a difference - one person at a time.

Protocol & Etiquette


The fist (a symbol of aggression and violence) is covered by the Open / Empty Hand (a symbol of friendship). By bowing in this manner, we offer one another peace, friendship, honor and respect.

The student entering the school (Gwoon, Dojang, Dojo) bows in this manner to show respect to their school, their teacher and all those who came before. The spirits of the past are always watching.

A Gentle Art
We are a gentle art, a defensive art. We do not issue challenges for proof of skill or personal pride. We are peaceful warriors. We train to defend ourselves and hope and pray we never have to use our skills...but that is only part of who and what we are.

When we spar, it is for the purpose of learning, not for fun, and, once again, not to prove our skill or test someone else’s. We are non-competitive. Sparring is done rarely, and only between an instructor and student. Challenging a fellow student or the instructor is a serious act of disrespect and dishonor.

The True Martial Artist

The goal of a true martial artist is to achieve enlightenment by bringing the mind, body and spirit together as one with the Universe.

A true martial artist uses their skill for self-defense or the defense of others. Any other use of the “art” would be considered a perversion.

A true martial artist is not concerned with competition for “pride”, “proof of skills” or “plastic trophies”.

Ours is the way of honoring those who came before us and those who will follow our way. Those who came before us sacrificed their lives so the martial arts might live. They lived in poverty...owning nothing so nothing would own them..

Our Goal

Tien Tae Jitsu instructors and students do not claim to be the best martial artists. We do not claim to be the ultimate warriors. We simply wish to co-exist with others and live in peace. We lead by our example. Our most powerful act is not an act of war; it is the act of kindness and the strength of love and friendship.

As the techniques evolve, it is our hope that the student evolves as well. Through physical and mental discipline, we are able to reach a higher level of personal and spiritual awareness. “All is growth; all is change”. (Ninjitsu quotation)